Tour e chitarrista scomparso

Questo è comunicato ufficiale dei Finntroll, in cui parlano del loro imminente tour di supporto ai Katatonia e del tragico incidente che ha causato la morte del loro chitarrista Teemu Raimoranta. Queste le date italiane: 20/04/03 Midian – Vicenza 21/04/03 Alpheus – Roma 22/04/03 Indian’s Saloon – Bresso (MI ) (e NON più al Transilvania Live) > To whom it may concern, > > As the situation concerning this tour and the future of Finntroll has been > under some dispute and discussion amongst promoters, fans and other > parties, the band wishes to relate the following: > We are doing the tour as previously agreed. We do this with heavy hearts, > as the sudden loss of Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta, a close friend and one > of the leading forces behind this band, gave us a blow from which the > recovery will take a long time. We feel that dropping everything now, > cancelling the tour and all the plans we together agreed for this band, > would be an insult on Teemu’s memory. Going back on the road was also the > particular wish of his family and close ones. We feel that this is the > best way to honor our friends’ memory, taking the music out to the fans. > On the following gigs the second guitar will be played by a long-time > friend for all of us, Mikael Karlbom, who has played as a stand in > guitarist for us several times in the past. > During the tour, we wish some courtesy on the part of fans, members of the > press and others concerning questions about Teemu’s departing, future of > the band and such. We will share information in due time. > Thanks to all those who have contacted us, expressed their condolances and > honored our brother’s memory. > > See you along the way, > > Finntroll

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