Lost Society: quinto track-by-track di “Fast Loud Death”

E’ possibile trovare di seguito il quinto track-by-track di “Fast Loud Death“, debut album dei Lost Society – band thrash metal finlandese, che uscirà il 15 marzo tramite Nuclear Blast Records.


La track list:

01. N.W.L.
02. Trash All Over You
03. E.A.G.
04. KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
05. Bitch, Out’ My Way
06. Fast Loud Death
07. Lead Through The Head
08. Diary Of A Thrashman
09. Toxic Avenger
10. This Is Me
11. Braindead Metalhead
12. Piss Out My Ass
13. Fatal Anoxia

Bonus tracks:

14. Escape From Delirium
15. I Stole Your Love (KISS cover song)

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