Into The Void Fest II: tutti i dettagli del festival

Iconoclast Records presenta:

d.i.y. Death Black Doom metal fest
Atto II

Freakout club
Sabato 13 aprile.

Line up:

Heavy Doom metal veterans (ITA)
Doomraiser were born having the intention to pay tribute to the music and to the great family of Doom, without imposing to themselves to do it in an original way or to invent anything new, but just to pass, in the best way possible, the feeling the genre has. Now, after 2 full-length and many gigs and tours all over Europe, they are the undisputed Italic paladins of Doom.

old school Death Crust (SWE)
Usurpress call their music Deathcrust. The aim of this Swedish quartet is to combine the bestiality of old death metal and the undying hate and aggression of true crustcore. Also mixed into this deadly cocktail are the unpredictable chord structures of progressive rock. Primitive and complex, majestic and crude – The music of the courts of Neanderthal emperors. Real riffs. Real songs.
The members of Usurpress have been involved with a plethora of Swedish underground bands; metal like Insision, Tyrant, Sportlov and Dellamorte, punk bands like Diskonto, Uncurbed, Iron Lamb and Discontrol, progressive bands like Klotet and Villebråd. However, Usurpress is something new to all of them. Probably also new to you.

Horror Death Grind (ITA)
Autopsy meet Asphyx, Napalm Death meet Black Sabbath, Haemophagus, since many years and after many records, are the standard-bearers of an eclectic blend of fast and slow death metal and grindcore filled with a horror imaginary.

old school Death metal (ITA)
To represent the most genuine old school Death metal, expecially from ’88-’92 years, here’s Profanal from Tuscany.
For fans of Nihilist, Entombed, Dismember, Carnage, God Macabre, Grave, Asphyx, Nirvana 2002, Autopsy, Interment…

old school Death Doom metal (ITA)
The ancient prophecy is revealed through the sound of Into Darkness, the new Italic Death Doom sensation. Pounding rhythms and astronomic visions will carry you through an astral journey with no return.

Sludge Doom witch sabbath (ITA)
Local all female ensemble combining the rawness of Crust with the mysticism of Doom and the heavyness of Sludge. They’re like a witch sabbath!

occult blackened Doom metal (ITA)
Power trio is da law! We introduce these three desecrators voted to the darkest doom you’ve ever listened to. All hail the knights of suffering!

Black metal/Drone one man band (ITA)
Graad is a one man band formed by Bøulevard Pasteur himself. This solo project combines the primordial fury of black metal with ethereal and ritual ouvertures, creating a very hypnotic experience.

Apertura porte ore 18:30
Inizio concerti ore 19:30
Ingresso: 10€ alla porta, 8€ in prevendita
Tessera AICS obbligatoria (costo 8€, validità 1 anno)

Prevendita attiva, pagamento effettuabile via PayPal a indicando come oggetto Into the Void II

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Folgorato in tenera età dall'artwork di "Painkiller", non si è più ripreso. Un caso irrecuperabile. Indeciso se voler rivivere i leopardi anni '80 sul Sunset o se tornare indietro nel tempo ai primi anni '90 norvegesi e andare a bere un Amaro Lucano con Dead e Euronymous. Quali siano i suoi gusti musicali non è ben chiaro a nessuno, neppure a lui. Dirige la truppa di verso l'inevitabile gloria.

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