Dark Tranquillity: In chat con Martin e Niklas

Il LOG della Chat del 7/12 Ecco il log della splendida chat di Giovedì 7 Dicembre in compagnia di Martin Brandstrom e Niklas Sundin dei Dark Tranquillity! Nilkas utilizza il nickname “Caotico” (cambiato verso la fine in “Caotico2”), mentre Martin si è presentato col suo nome. Enjoy! Session Start * Logging #metallus to ‘#metallus.log’ *** Caotico has joined #metallus abbiamo deciso che sarà Niklas a scegliere chi vincerà la copia di Haven…quindi inventatevi delle belle domande!!! Hi, Caotico welcome Caotico! 🙂 *** FabioRodighiero sets mode: +o Caotico ragazzi, niklas sundin aka caotico 🙂 Eh….it this readable? I get error messages when I send… now you’re readable niklas That’s better 🙂 the channel is moderated so that only the operators can “speak” OK, I see… Long time since I was on IRC… ok, partiamo… eheh drop that rust man, we gonna have some action eheh visto che siete una valanga, andremo in rodine alfabetico (lo so, prima ho detto il contrario.. sorry!) Quattro formaggio! *** MartinBrandstromDT has joined #metallus Hi guys! My question: will you do another duet with Anders Friden… and will you perform it live in a next DT – In Flames Tour? Alexil: I don’t know, but it’s not impossible since Anders usually is in the studio when we record. As for playing Shadow duet on the next tour, I doubt it – but who knows? *** FabioRodighiero sets mode: +o MartinBrandstromDT where is the tranquillity in your world? Anark: Umm…I don’t know – it’s certainly not in our music;-) We took the name from one of our old demo songs, “Void of tranquillity”. hi martin, you can speak now 🙂 Paolo Rossi al dente! LOL! LOL Cottura: 666 minutes e funghi! Sorry… eheheh Yes thank you very much Im still trying to get used to the chat-interface, but good evening everyone 😉 ehehe good evening to you martin bells? Bells? no tnx bells?? ring those bells! Cicciolina al dente! what’s the song you’ve done which reflex better yours personalities?will you come in Bologna??? Personalities: Umm….we’re pretty different in that aspect, so it’s hard to tell. We were in Bologna on our “Projector” tour, but only to spend a day off there. Hopefully we can get to play there soon. We love Italy….it´s one of our favourite places to play….(for real) Absolutely! Italy has the best crowd response of all the places we’ve played! i remember ppl were going mad in milan in september gonig nuts, that simple 🙂 Hi! In the neck of the guitar that Martin played at the gods of metal 2000 (you are great!!!) there was a small picture of a man: who was he? For sure! That gig was amazing – the club was so much better than the Rainbow. Biz: A man? Gosh…I’ve got no idea. Ah! Now I recall. It’s a Gibson Gothic guitar, and there’s a small icon of mr. Gibson himself. Yes the Milan show was truly amazing…I think my fondest memory of the tour….even though it ended quite early that particular night I’ve got one of those guitars myself these days, and it rocks. The lord of Sambuca was present that night. eheheh, i can imagine :))) Yes he truly was and he got the best of me…as was evident in the in flames homevideo * Caotico giggles Those were the days;-) there was michael buying DT bootleg t-shirts outside the venue in milan eheheh that’s what Sambuca can do to a grown man 😀 He he, yes I remember! It was probably the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen 🙂 but maybe it just lookd fine when you’re drunk thanks for your music…it’s all i can say i bet that’s the kind of shirt you have to wear when you’re planning to get dead drunk ah! Everything looks fine when you’re drunk! I know it´s the kind of booze that makes you say I can´t believe its 40%…. but you better believe or you will fall over Thanks, dimebag! 🙂 Even Fabio Rodighiero looks fine when you’re drunk, jesus! 😀 you bastard 😀 Even Paolo Rossi looks fine when being drunk…. Hi Niklas,Hi Martin !!! ^__^ You, in front to the previous LP have changed so much. I’d like to know if this change was a decision of all of you or if it was born spontaneausly while you were composing your songs…you have to admit that the changes lately were much risky…see Paradise Lost and Metallica…haven’t you exitated not even a bit?…haven’t you feared not even a bit to lose the trust of someone of your fans?…know that i am and i’ll be your fan even if you’ll decide to play Gospel….ehm….maybe that’s too much…. Vempire: I can only say that it was a spontaneous move and not a decision. We were pretty sure that a lot of fans wouldn’t enjoy “Projector”, but we had to follow our hearts and record something we wanted. You’re great!!! It’s a cliché, but the moment you start wondering “what will the fans think about this…?”, you cross the line between art and business in my opinion. Hi Vempire.. Hmm well with me entering the band it´ bound to be a change of some sort since the use of keyboards havent been that present in DT:s earlier works…bur the sound we made for haven was really a team effort rootde in the democracy DT really is Hail! When we can buy an official live album of DT? Forever DT RULEZ! 🙂 Saku.: You have to stick to the bootlegs for a while;-) By the way, we’ll do a gig in Gothenburg in February which will be sent on national radio. I’m pretty sure that it ends up on N*****R sooner or later…. eheheh ok ok, Listening to your discography, i’ve heard also “Archetype” in Enter Suicidal Angels EP, i think it sounds like techno, that’s not your stile i suppose, why do you implemented that song? (next time can you make a live performance near trieste in the north-east of italy ? ehehe) n-avigato-r? 😀 Spiritual: We made “Archetype” as an experiment, because we wanted to try out writing a song in a totally different way than what we were used to. It was an interesting challenge to take bits ‘n pieces of various songs and assemble it into a new one. But the song itself isn’t very good…..I can’t say that it’s one of our best ones, he he. N-utcracke-R?O_o so you actually WROTE Archetype? i thought that was something like a remix! have you ever thought to do a soundtrack for a movie ? what kind of movie could it be ? What kind of movie do you think could be played with DT’s music ? i think it couldn’t be a tongue-in cheek movie, what do you think ??? Teo: Well, we wrote the song by taking riffs and vocals from different TMI-songs and then arrange them together. We’d love to do a movie soundtrack or a computer game soundtrack, so I hope that we’ll get an offer some day. so it’s not either a remix or a “real” song…more of a cut’n’paste 🙂 yes, but what kind of movie or game ? I can’t see our music fitting to a Jim Carey movie, if you put it that way;-) oh yeah, me too Teo: Yeah, very much cut ‘n paste! hail!!….do you know Sardinia?will you ever play here??PS:I love you!!!!! Taricone… Yes a soundtrack would be great…to get the chance to really explore different kinds of moods…. And a computer soundtrack wouldnt be bad either…I think we could top the effort made for Quake 2 for example I know Sardinia only from the geography lessons in school. Sure, we’d love to play there! I know of sardinia and We would love to play there given the right oppurtunity Your style is changed very much from the first album, which are the influences that have caused these changes? oh, of course, which is the best sweden’s beer? There isn’t a lot of good beers in Sweden…. heeh i love beer 😛 for the beer I would have to say Pripps Blå My fave beer is probably Chimay or Duvel. Ít´ not even close to being one of the best beers in the world but it´ ours 🙂 and..for the changes? As for influences behind the style changes, I don’t know. We started out listening only to underground metal demos and eventually got to appreciate a lot of different stuff by other artists. I firmly believe that being open-minded and receptive to everything from jazz to grindcore makes you a better and more diverse musician. yes, of course I can only speak of the influences of today and they come from almost every corner of the musical palette i can hear that in your last cd 🙂 The grindcore;-) ? eheh LOL! ok hell, thanx 🙂 your guitar sound seems like Isaac Brock’s one…are you agreed? Captain my captain: Please excuse my ignorance, but I don’t know who Isacc Brock is….Sorry! Modest Mouse guitarist… Ah, ok….never heard ’em, but it’s possible that we have similar guitar sounds. Hi guys!! Hey Niklas…I have a copy of Septic Broiler’s “Enfeebled Earth” demo and a video tape of the one and only show of this band…how much can I sell them? no short answer please… 🙂 JEESUS 😀 Security! Please remove this person! LOL! He’s obviously insane! no f-word in the answer, better;-) *cough* ahahaha want sth to drink niklas?;-) I know that _I_ would pay quite a bit in order to see that demo destroyed;-) ok i think we can arrange a deal How did you get the video tape? I don’t even think that I have a copy of it myself! since im a channel operator i think i have to take a small percentage of course: -D Haven it’s nice but The Gallery is a masterpiece!Why do you use the electronics? But it’s pretty rare. We printed 110 copies if I remember correctly, and we’re not really promoting it these days. Insinerate: The electronics expand our music a great deal. There are keybords on “The gallery” as well, but we couldn’t do it in a good way then… For mr.Gibson… forgive my ignorance! I don’t know much of musical instruments. And of English language. Anyway… how how do you feel before a concert? What do you do in your spare time? … and my girlfriend asks: “Are you engaged?” 🙁 Biz: mr. Gibson is the founder of Gibson guitar – I don’t know anything about him either, but I know that his face is on my guitar. …and also thanks 4 your great music! My ambitions was to make the electronics sounds integrated with the music…no solos but really present… I think that is what happened and of course people will think of it ib different ways when it´s such a drastic change Before a gig: Sometimes nervous (if it’s in the beginning of a tour, otherwise it’s no big deal). As for spare time, it’s extremely limited at the moment. I am engaged…. I always get a little nervous before a show… in the beginning af a tour maybe 2 hours before…at the end of a tour maybe 5 minutes before….but still a little nervous…or anxious to get going maybe (did you eventually buy those records or do we have to start kicking asses around?;-)) uhm.. It’s a pretty complex issue, and I don’t know what I really think. As a music fan, I appreciate the convenience of using Napster, but as a musican I’m more ambivalent. kick me ehehe I will… PROMISE THAT NOW!: -D never;) I don’t think that we lose any sales because of mp3’s, but on the other hand I don’t think that all music should be available for free either. ok thank you But as long as people don’t download full albums and burn them unto CD-R instead of buying them, I’m pretty cool with it. you’re great ehi before we go on with the next questions we got a copy of HAVEN to give away tonite… and you guys from DT will decide who’s the winner ok? 🙂 but not now, later, when everyone’s done with asking ok let’s go ahead oki fine Which are your favorite bands? which italian bands do you like? Hmm In the same genre I think Damael and In flames… italian bands….you have a good composer tha Ennio Morricone-guy?? We get to decide? Cool! and rhapsody? I meant Samael of course yeah he definitely is! Italian bands? Fields of asphodel are cool. yeah Niklas…just choose the coolest or strangest or whatever-est question 🙂 when you start to live with your music? I haven’t really heard Rhapsody that much, but it’s not my cup of tea. se poi avete altre domande, riprenotatevi mandandomi un pvt 🙂 There was a good speed metal band called Empire back in the late ’80’s. Hopeffully we will live on our music someday….someday soon as for now not really Well, I saw a bandphoto of Rhapsody and that was pretty much enough;-) LOL! ahah LOL I’m not too keen on these dungeons and dragons aesthetics either… only a question… hii guys, I’d like to known why you decided to sell out rather than stick to the love of your ol fans. I don’t have any “technical” question coz I’ve been reaing all your latest interview, an also coz I think, you’re now a new slave of the music businnes. hei ppl we got the agent-provocateur of tonite so cheer him up please! SAD: Well, you’re entitled to your own opinion of course… no you cant’ use the word “asshole” on TV yes, and so? But it’s pretty metal to be the slave of Mammon, don’t you think?;-) In my opinion a slave to the music business is one who plays music he does´´t want to…and believe it or not but this is the way we want to sound at the present Seriously, we still play the music we want and the biggest sellout in my opinion would be to release a carbon copy of The gallery every year just because it’s the album that people likes the most. I mean, we’re not even close to making a living on our music, so the only thing we’re concerned about is to make the music WE want. DT you’re great!!!!!!!!!!!! }=) This may sound egoistic, but we have to please ourselves first and foremost…if you play for the fans, you’re more commercially slanted than if you play from your heart… we have a question from someone woh feels ashamed of asking this…but would like to know which one was THE most embarassing moment you had onstage eheh Teo: He he…we might have a winner! LOL! ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahhah My most excrutiating moment was when I fell from the stage after a gig in Spain last year. I didn’t notice the edge of the stage and fell and landed flat on my face. Not a triumphant departure, so to say… ROTFL For me definitely the Tuska festival in Finland summer 99 …. I srew up the staccato strings in freecard so totally I wanted to run off the stage… I dont think I got one single tone right on that one… and since I was the only one sounding it was really really embarassing And of course it always sucks when there are technical problems or playing mistakes that are too obvious. when can we see you again in italy ?(I hope together in flames like last september)i saw you at Gods Of Metal and also last semptember Giane: We’d love to play in Italy every week, but I don’t know when we’ll be there next time. Right now, we’re writing songs for our next album and I don’t think there will be any tours for a while. Hopefully some summer festivals can happen. Hopefully in the summer if they arrange a similar event like the gods of metal shows hail, what is your favorite metal cd? Sendena: Sabbat “History of the time to come” – it was the album that made me and Mikael decide to start playing the guitar. Right now still Clayman Sabbat are sadly unknown, but they were a great band for their time. hello guys thanks for having written the song “Auctioned”(poetry in music!!!!).What’s your favourite song of the old and new DT? Right now, the new Enslaved album, “mardrum”, is the metal gem in my stereo. Blacktear. He he, my LEAST favourite song is “Auctioned”…. But tastes are different… I also like”Lethe” If projector will count as an old album Id say the sun fired blanks….and on Haven my favourite is Feast of burden It’s really heard to pick out any favourite songs like that…When you’ve played them 100000 times live you usually get pretty tired of them and lose the relationship you originally had towards the music. But my new fave is “Fabric”. yeah, fabric is great! 🙂 And from the older songs, I enjoy “Alone” a lot. ehi they told me to ask you which song is the best for a DT-newbie, the first one a metalhead should hear to get to like your music he he Whi did yuo choose to play heavy metal? Teo: Difficult to say….it really depends on what kind of taste you have. Our albums does sound pretty different from each other. that makes perfect sense;-) But for the metalhead I’d recommend “The gallery” as a starter. Id say punish my heaven for the older style and the newer feast of burden or perhaps Rundown Sorry for this stupid question 🙂 Bimba: Well, we listened to a lot of golden oldies like Kreator, SDI, Mania, Running wild and so on and decided that we really wanted to form a band. It came naturally, so to say. Ok thank you what do you think about italian horror films? for me it was a challenge to daopt a genre I wasn´t accoustomed to…. when I got the oppurtunity I jumped on it ´cuase it seemed like a lot of fun playing with my friends and explore new musica territories for me….which I soon started to love actually I havent seen one I think Sadist: Me neither…. But SADIST is one of the better Italian bands 🙂 eheheh I’m what you call a “new fan”. I got to know you through your “There In” video. I then listened to Projector but was overwhelmed by it, though I thought that “There In” kicked ass. Then my cousin told me to listen to “Haven” which is more Paradise Lost-like (as he put it). He was right and I enjoy every minute of it. IMHO, it’s Album of the Year for Y2K. Do you plan on making a promo video? Do you feel you were influenced by Paradise Lost? *** baby has joined #metallus Teo: I think that our vocalist is into a lot of those movies. Gizmo: Glad that you liked our music. No, I’m not into the new Paradise lost. I like their first album, but their later releases are pretty lame. Why so few guitar solos? As for promo videos, we’d love to do one more since the “Therein” clip was somewhat of a disappointment to us. disappointment? why? Gizmo: I don’t think that there is too much room for guitar solos in our music today – perhaps in the future. Fabio: Have you seen it? No not influnced by paradise lost at all I think I´e only heard maybe five songs from host(good by the way) But PL wasn´t even mentioned in the rehearsal place…. I think the sound is more aggressive….actually a natural development from projector considering the electronics have had a little bit more room yeah, I’ve seen it… I don’t think it’s so terrible indeed 🙂 its on the HAVEN cd ! Well, it’s OK, but we expected something more since the script and synopsis were excellent. Caotico, I saw it in the Haven cd, but I don’t think it is disappointing 🙂 so why did you choose to put it on the Haven cd if you were disappointed? It’s not a disaster, but it could have been a bit better. ok Teo: It was Century media’s decision. I think it’s pretty lame to put an old song on a new album, but they wanted it that way. And the main reason was that so few people had seen the video, so in a way it’s good that it’s now available. i think its some sort of “added value”…i mean..that doesn’t harm coz its on the CDRom part…so..why not but it’s your record, so YOU should decide 😀 Teo: I agree with that, it’s no harm in that. And lots of fans had been asking for it, so why not? das ist deutch! 😀 hät:o) i ‘ve just bought the latest album of OPETH and in the thanks and in the thanks there are your band and in flames.what do you think about opeth and in flames and about the swedish metal course in the last 3 years? Teo: Der Tod ist ein Dandy! ahahah, thank you 😀 Jester: I haven’t heard that much of Opeth, but In flames are good. death is a dandy? aw shit, dont think so 😀 I haven’t been following the death metal scene that much lately… Teo: Ich bin der letzes Biest in Himmel. I havent heard opeth that much but I met them in studio Fredman when I was preparing for the tour(liveintro and stuff) and they are really nice guys….In flames are good friends and an excellent band….did I tell you I love Clayman?? i’m the last beast..in heaven? 😀 yeah you did martin 😀 Jawohl! but do it once again if you want to oh jesus seemes like i know german! i never did! thats gotta be the beer 😀 I like Gardenian and Eventide, but I haven’t really heard many new Swedish bands in a while… Teo: Nah, I don’t know German that well…… Okay Clayman is a really good album with lots and lots of qualitiies….there:o) ahahaha martin 😀 niklas i dont either…just some useless bullshit 🙂 Hello.Make a self question and give yourself an answer.(and excuse my english) Zuzzorro: Eh….. ….can we do it in Swedish? now i call that TWISTED 😀 no.. Q:Martin!! would you like to play computer games all day long?? A:Oh boy yes please!! LOL! OK, so I’ll do it in italian. ah! 😀 Q: Al dente e funghi e Roma? A: Cottura Rocci salvatore – proscuttio! ahahahh Sorry for that. My Italian isn’t what it used to be;-) Why did you go here in Turin DT? The projector and Haven are goods but don’t exaggerate with eletronic sound: in my opinion you’d better to do speed elettronic sound with with a few of melodies in any case you’re great I saw you at Monza gods of Metal speed electronic sound? you mean power electronics? everybody hails Masonna 😀 Metalshin: The future is digital! But we’ll always try to maintain a balance of course. speed and power Im not really sure what sounds you are reffering to but I think what we do best is what we do at the moment …and that is quite a lot of melodies Hi Martin and Niklas!first of all, my compliments for your works.So,do you like power and epic metal? and in particular, do you like Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray? Hansi: I used to be a great fan of Blind guardian, but I’m not into them too much anymore. They’re great at what they do, of course. I see and you Martin? Gamma ray are good too, but nothing beats early Helloween in that department. Hmmm Im not into that myself either but I love Brave new world…I think that is as closa I get yes, Helloween are very good I used to collect lots of obscure German speed metal like SDI, Scanner, Mania, Not fragile, Warrant and so on, but I’m not too much into that style nowadays. right guys, someone would like to ask you what you think about drugs…emmm…:) Fabio: I don’t use any. somebody else would like to ask you if you have some spare drugs 😀 😀 Im really for people deciding for themselves… in reasonable terms….as for myself I dont use it… (not counting booze and cigarettes) ok 🙂 Only a curiosity: which groups you loved to listen, when you were not famous, we say when you had approximately 17-19 years? I’m pretty tolerant and open minded about other people using it too, but principally it’s nothing for me. booze is not a drug. booze is life SOD: Let’s see…. Dr. Shrinker, Fatal, Blind guardian (specially imported since their first album wasn’t out in Sweden then), Helloween, Forbidden, Kreator, Sodom… Im blushing a little concidering the company ….but Depeche mode…always Depeche mode dont be afraid music for the masses 🙂 Assasin, Maiden, Grotesque, Varathron, Rotting christ…. …but of course a lot of Depeche mode, Alphaville, A-HA and the likes as well… yes music for the masses is when they really started to sound good …. the earlier stuff is a bit uneven Martin, what is your fave album of Depeche Mode? Id have to say Violator from 91 Nothing beats “In your room” anyway. It’s probably the best song ever. Well, I agree with Martin 🙂 Mine is “Songs of faith and devotion” me too, violator is amazing Goodie:o) good ol’ enjoy the silence? But I really love “some great reward”. It was the first LP I ever bought. good old policy of truth….. well vialotor doesnt have a weak second I hear that they have a new album in the pipeline as well…. …which is bloody about time. I heard that too and I literally cant wait if your music was a typical (or not)dish, what would you like it to be?which ingredients exactly would be your instruments?for example:the guitar like”pecorino”etc.. Let’s pray for some….eh, advance songs;-) We HAVE a winner 🙂 If you explain what a “pecorino” is, I’d gladly reply… ahahahahahahahahahaahah its a typical cheese from Sardinia Teo: Ah, of course;-) mmmhhh pecorino is a kind of italian cheese FORMAGGIO! eheheh Id like to think of my keyboards like a buffet of all kinds of food… nothing fancy but really nice …like tacos and pizza and burgers…in a buffet:o)…(mmmm piiiiizza) strong taste Let’s see….I like the buffet analogy as well – just some bits ‘n pieces of different things that sometimes work well together and sometimes not. The E string would be….. Nah, too difficult – sorry! Hallo guyz. Great work great work at our Gods of Metal! I think a fan don’t need thousand of words to show his/her respect to you. What do you think about religion? It’s the drug of the people or the way to choose to lift the spirit up to live forever? Sorry for the STRONG question. The e string should be the tortilla that wraps it all together with a good base Rath: I think that religion is interesting from many viewpoints, but I’m an atheist myself. Weather or not it’s the opiate of the masses I don’t really know… But I’ll turn to science before any myths, so to say.. i’m again… It really is a hard question… I concider myself a non.believer but holding hopes high really works for some others…on the other hand you have all these religious wars… basically I dont think its for me to judge since I dont believe Haven’t you ever feared to wrong a song during a live concert,or haven’t you wrong a live song? what do you think in this moment? Vempire: We’ve made some awful mistakes, I can assure you that, but mostly we manage well. some people would say we wronged the gallery on the last tour:o) i have a band,and sometime i wrong…..i would like to die!!! 🙂 Vempire: Nobody’s perfect…. eheh tnx!!! But of course it sucks royally when you make a mistake during a cruical moment, like a solo spot or something. it came at first the egg or the hen, in your opinion? Captain C: They evolved together. LOL! certainly the egg…dinosaurs make eggs many millions of years before the hen comes… see you soon but the egg and the dinosaur then?? thx my IDOL, nicklas sundin 🙂 Captain C. But triliobites were the trendsetters regarding eggs. M.I. You’re welcome;-) caotico: thx 🙂 To begin I’d like to say that I like to hear whatever gives me the occasion to slam a bit.I’d like to ask if u like the ppl at ur concerts that inflames the evening by slamming furiously or u prefer that stand still there like in prayer:I think u’re with me in thinking that ur music have to create at least some chaos… Legione: Well, it’s always fun when there’s some movement going on, but lots of people perfer to stand still and listen (myself included) so both ways are fine with me. thanx I really like to see people go nuts… thats the clearest receipt if it falls in good soil…because its really hard to read ppls minds from the stage,…. I like to see ppl having a good time…. a dandy ol´time mm…i’ve to buy a bass, can you counsel me ? and..who is on the vocals in TRAIL OF LIFE DECAYED and A MOONCLAD REFLECTION, Stanne or Friden ? 🙂 ( i’ve heard GARDENIAN also, they rocks!! eheh) But generally it’s more intense and challenging when the crowd goes wild… Im a standstiller myself too mm…i’ve to buy a bass, can you counsel me ? and..who is on the vocals in TRAIL OF LIFE DECAYED and A MOONCLAD REFLECTION, Stanne or Friden ? 🙂 ( i’ve heard GARDENIAN also, they rocks!! eheh) Spiritual: Bass? Nah, I’m not that good…..It’s Fridén that sings on the old demo/EP stuff. I think you should by the old 303 bass generator:o) ….seriousöy no clue Hey guys… a funny one: Do you like South Park? What do you think of it? Will you be happy if they’ll do an episode wirh DarkTranq as guests? And (for Niklas) what about the Simpsons? Will you like to be at Moe’s with Barney and Homer drinking a lot of beer?;) ehehe!!! Now a seirous one: do you like The Beatles? but doesnt Michael like warwick?? or washburn?? Thaks!;) Id much rather answer Niklas question!! I love the Simpsons, but South Park is a bit average. I liked the first episodes, but then it grew generic. Who wouldn’t want to share a beer (Duff or course) with Homer? 🙂 Yes, I like the Beatles. I think it’s Warwick… Here is a beer for you all !!!;) * Caotico drinks with joy I like the beatles too… they had a really interesting career going from love me do to let it be thru sgt pepper in only seven years What is your favorite female body part? ROTFL oh my god 😀 the butt HERE is the winner! I second that. *** Cotequinho has left #metallus ahahah, ok, kai wins the cd then 😀 really? I still go with the food question for the CD But of course! What’s your fave? ROTFL :-DDDDD Me too, the food question is the best so far – but this one is a good runner-up. yes I will send him a mp3 And the 3rd prize gets a Real audio file. ahahahah Hi guys…my questions: 1) Who’s your favourite Baywatch babe? 2) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 🙂 *** Caotico2 has joined #metallus *** FabioRodighiero sets mode: +o Caotico2 frozen, repeat the question pliz 🙂 I dont know her name but shes in Baseketball aswell…anybody know wich babe that is??…I gues there would be alot of woodchucking The chaos returns. Hi guys…my questions: 1) Who’s your favourite Baywatch babe? 2) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 🙂 Frozen: I haven’t seen Baywatch that much, sorry…. Chuck Wood? anybody know which babe im talking about?? yeah its a mix between ed wood and chuck berry i dont martin! mm.. sorry martin, i don’t;( Or Chuck Schuldiner and Tiger Wood s ROTFL Niklas 😀 I think that the metal scene has sold out in these last years. Where do you think you stan in an extreme metal scene that you chose to step away from? SAD: What bands would you consider not having sold out and how do you define “sell out” more specifically? In my book, selling out equals playing something you don’t really want to because of other factors which can range from financial reasons to conformity or whatever…. Do you like band like TheGathering?I love them….Would you like to play with them even your genre is different? I haven’t heard them that much, but I think they’re pretty good. Wouldn’t mind playing with them. I think that could be an interesting package aswell What do you think about those false metal bands, that do shitty music but still sell the most ? How you define “false”? they call them metal , but they don’t even play hard rock good question niklas, eheheh 🙂 and what bands are you referring to? I think that a lot of these newer power metal bands are pretty lame to be honest. I don’t really care for labels – so what if a band like Korn isn’t metal per se? I’d prefer Slipknot to Hammerfall any day;-) bands like gnr or even nirvana used to appear in best metal magazines But isn’t that the fault of the editors? but still they earn money which they don’t deserve because of that Well, tastes are different. I don’t think that Nirvana thought of themselves as a metal band and keep up the good work, congrats from turkey 🙂 Thanks 🙂 once again me! eheh! what this symbol :.:: on haven’s artwork and cd means????? and…which is your haven? The symbol is for Niklas to answer… and there is a lot of places that works as havens…the rehearsal place..home…. alittle place called Playzone…. the tourbus while on tour Hellf1re: The dots represent something that isn’t anything one can recognize at first…. It’s hidden and veiled. oh.. pretty hermetic indeed 🙂 kryptiskt genidrag Lurking under the surface;-) I only want to greet you two 🙂 because i’m going to bed and thanx for all you have did in this years! bye Thanks! what do you think about black metal and the satanism? greetings skuragi sweet dreams sleep well I dont believe in god nor satan… and the genre black metal isnt my fave Hi.. my question: is there a song (a cover-song) you’d love to play but you never did it? and why? Jester: It’s often very superficial and unintelligent – but I do like some black metal bands. 🙂 Enslaved are great. Jag meddelar. which song? choose one Tricky question…. I’d like to do a Nick Cave song sometime, but it’s not really urgent… we were supposed to do a version of a song called hiphopper…( hardrocker in our version) with inflames for the live gigs in sweden…. bbut we were all talk when we drank and never followed thru That would have been a blast! Next time perhaps. ok last two questions and we’re done 🙂 NICKLAS e MARTIN: DART TRANQUILLITY always has beeen my favourite metal group since I heard U on THE GALLERY (Yuour best work for me ^__^), Projector is a good work, Skydancer with Friden is a “lovely album”, the EP/demos stuff are nice, so all yours albums are certainly wonderful, so I’d like to ask U when U think you will do another work with Friden & Stanne at vocals (i’d love to hear now the 2 togheter) M.I. I don’t know, really…I don’t think we’ll prepare a “duet” like that, but who knows if something will happen in the studio? what do u think about the old german thrash scene? I mean bands like sodom, destruction, cugini di campagna, kreator… I definately perfer those bands to the newer retro ones. Old Kreator rules! dont know….wasnt born We did a cover of “Flag of hate” once. And we’ve recorded “Bringer of torture” in studio. HI guys!!! My questions: 1. Do you prefer Simpsons or Futurama?? 2. Do you believe in god? P.S. Swedish girls are very pretty!! In italian we say:”Grandi pezzi di gnocca” 1. Simpsons 2. Definately not. Grandi pezzi di Cicciolina gnocca! exactly, something like that :DD ok guys, we’re pretty much done 🙂 Sorry people, but we have to leave now. Looking forward to playing in Italy again as soon as possible! Simpsons anyday of the week… I dont believe in god (about the prettyness of swedish girls I know and im soooo thankful) thank you very much for coming tonight… and keep up the good work;) Take care and ciao until then! And thank you for stopping by! Yes really nice chatting with you…see you soon I hope in the land of the pizza Where the rivers of Sambuca eternally run thanx guys! see you!;) sambuca rules 😀 Thank you guys! Ciao, metalheads! yes and give the CD to the food guy ok! Absolutely! ok, that’s right or sad666 so he can contribute to us selling out in some way LOL! LOL! 😀 bye! Take care see you!! *** MartinBrandstromDT has quit IRC (QUIT: _) *** Caotico2 has quit IRC (QUIT: _)

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