Fates Warning: il lyric video di “Point Of View”

I Fates Warning hanno pubblicato lo scorso giugno  il loro live album Live Over Europe per InsideOut Music. La band ha ora reso disponibile in streaming un nuovo estratto dalla release, il lyric video del brano “Point Of View“.


Ricordiamo la tracklist del doppio album:

CD 1:

01. From The Rooftops
02. Life In Still Water
03. One
04. Pale Fire
05. Seven Stars
06. SOS
07. Pieces Of Me
08. Firefly
09. The Light And Shade Of Things
10. Wish
11. Another Perfect Day
12. Silent Cries
13. And Yet It Moves

CD 2:

01. Still Remains
02. Nothing Left To Say
03. Acquiescence
04. The Eleventh Hour
05. Point Of View
06. Falling
07. A Pleasant Shade Of Gray, Pt. IX
08. Through Different Eyes
09. Monument
10. Eye To Eye

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