Picture: la ristampa di 4 album con Divebomb Records

Gli olandesi Picture pubblicheranno, tramite la Divebomb Records, le ristampe di 4 album della band: “Diamond Dreamer“, “Picture 1“, “Eternal Dark” e “Heavy Metal Ears“.

Diamond Dreamer + Picture 1 tracklisting:

Diamond Dreamer
‘Lady Lightning’
‘Night Hunter’
‘Hot Lovin”
‘Diamond Dreamer’
‘Message From Hell’
‘You’re All Alone’
‘Lousy Lady’
‘The Hangman’
‘Get Me Rock And Roll’
‘You’re Touching Me’

Picture 1
‘Dirty Street Fighter’
‘You Can Go’
‘No More’
‘One Way Street’
‘You’re A Fool’
‘Get Back Or You Fall’
‘Rockin’ In Your Brains’
‘He’s A Player’


Eternal Dark + Heavy Metal Ears tracklisting:

Eternal Dark
‘Eternal Dark’
‘Griffons Guard The Gold’
‘Make You Burn’
‘Battle For The Universe’
‘The Blade’
‘Flying In Time’
‘Into The Underworld’
‘Tell No Lies’
‘Power Of Evil’
‘Down And Out’

Heavy Metal Ears
‘Heavy Metal Ears’
‘Spend The Night With You’
‘I’m Just A Simple Man’
‘Funky Town’
‘Out Of Time’
‘No No No’
‘Rock N Roll/Under Your Spell’

picture 2

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