Cradle Of Filth: 20th anniversary version of “Dusk And Her Embrace” in 2016

Cradle Of Filth are going to release a new/old version of their 1996 classic “Dusk And Her Embrace“. This new release will contain the never-heard-before original recordings from 1995 with “The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh” line-up, originally to be released by Cacophonous Records.

Dani Filth

We’ll be releasing the version of “Dusk And Her Embrace” that nobody has ever heard before. We recorded the album in 1995 and then the band split in two half. Three members went to form The Blood Divine leading myself, Nicholas Barker and Robin Graves to take our record company at the time, which was Cacophonous Records, to the court. We came to an agreement where we gave them the “Vempire” album and they gave us back “Dusk And Her Embrace”. We then went to Music For Nations and re-recorded the album. There was solely a different track. We wrote “Malice Through The Looking Glass” while the previous version had “Nocturnal Supremacy” instead. So nobody has ever heard the original recording from 1995. It’s a completely different album, it sounds very different. I found out a couple weeks ago that Cacophonous Records has started back up again; they rang me and said look: “We’d like to release this version for the 20th anniversary, are u with us?” And I said “Yes, definitely”. I’m so excited.

You can find the whole interview (in italian) with Dani Filth on



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